Echo Leaf Blower Reviews

echo leaf blower reviews

Do you know how many types of leaf blowers are available on the market? There are three main types of leaf blowers: handheld, backpack, and walk behind. Handheld blowers are the least powerful and the cheapest version of these blowers. Because of their low power, they are used for small jobs. They are either electric or gas powered and electric powered are corded or cordless. They are readily available on the market with air volumes ranging from 200 cfm to 400 cfm. Handheld leaf blowers are the quietest blowers, so they are good choice for populated areas.

Backpack leaf blowers are mostly gas powered. They have straps on them and you can hang them on the back for long duration cleanings. They are lightweight and designed in a way to make the operator feel comfortable while cleaning and blowing leaves away from landscaping. These air blowers have air volume ranges that vary from 400 cfm to 700 cfm.

Walk behind air blowers are heavy-duty air blowers that can deliver air at 250 mph with air volume of 3000 cfm. They are the biggest, heaviest, and most expensive. Their power is amazing and they are used for the toughest jobs of cleaning such as removing wet and dry leaves, debris, stones and trash from parking lots. Walk behind air blowers are suitable for commercial purposes. So whenever you plan to purchase a leaf blower, you should be aware of the available types so that you can make a decision according to your needs and lifestyle. For reviews, we have selected three air blowers by ECHO. They are known for producing low noise air blowers.

Echo PB-500H Gas powered Backpack Blower

The Echo PB-500H Gas Powered Backpack Blower is designed to handle tough jobs. The L shaped frame is made up of impact resistant plastic that makes the entire machine a lightweight unit and is therefore durable. The machine is equipped with a reachable throttle with cruise control for easy maneuvering. The machine has two padded straps for the operator’s comfort.


  • Gas powered
  • Includes engine oil (high performance)
  • Speed variable throttle
  • Cruise control
  • Air filter for automatic style
  • Shoulder straps padded for operator comfort
  • Easy to maneuver tube to blow leaves underneath objects


  • Expensive
  • Engine malfunctions (according to some consumers)

This Echo Leaf Blower is a 3.6 star blower that has a 52-ounce fuel tank that has overcome the problem of many other air blowers that need the be refilled every 20 minutes. Some consumers complained about the engine malfunctioning, but such complaints are common with gas-powered air blowers because many people don’t read the manual where it is advised not to use ethanol mixture as fuel.

Echo PB-265LN Backpack Blower

The Echo Backpack Blower is specifically designed for homeowners who fancy the comfort of a backpack blower for longer use. The Pro-fire electronic ignition makes sure the engine starts easily with 30% less pulling effort, and the dimensions of the machine are: 16in width x 16in depth x 18in height.


  • 4 cc professional grade engine
  • More power and durability with less emissions
  • 30% less pulling effort
  • Variable throttle, loose control
  • Adjustable shoulder trap
  • Highest durability (EPA)
  • Padded back rest for comfort
  • Heavy duty filter to protect engine from dust particles


  • Short motor life

This backpack blower is a 3.4 star rated product that is designed for heavy cleaning of large areas. Despite its high power speed and power volume, it is low-noise certified. A few people have complained about the engine’s short life, but this may be due to prolonged use of the machine without any break. According to the manufacturer, for the engine to have a long life, follow the instructions as indicated in the manual. You can extend the life of the blower by following them. If you are looking for a backpack air blower for residential scale then the Echo PB-265LN Backpack Blower is a suitable choice for you.

Echo PB-255LN Leaf Blower

The Echo PB-255LN Leaf Blower features a 24.5 cc engine with air speed of 191 mph. The machine produces less noise at around 64 db. The air comes out from the flared pipe, which ensures focused air production. This leaf blower comes with a fuel capacity of around 17 ounces. The machine is red and black in color.


  • Air speed up to 191 mph
  • Low noise at around 64 db.
  • Easy maneuvering and focused operation
  • Flared-end pipe for focused flow of air
  • Fuel capacity of 16.9 fl. oz.
  • 5 year warranty


  • Limited area application

The Echo PB-255LN Leaf Blower is a new addition to the Echo family of handheld air blowers. Mostly, people have small or medium sized lawns, and therefore the mess of fallen leaves is typically less compared to large area yards. If you are seeking a powerful residential grade air blower for your small or medium sized lawn, this leaf blower is a good option for you, and it comes with a 5-year warranty.


In this article we presented three leaf blowers from ECHO manufacturers. ECHO has introduced the quietest air blowers on the market, while its competitors are very noisy.

So if you live in a populated area and your home has a medium sized yard, then you should look for a leaf blower that is lightweight, powerful, easy to carry, and comes with a warranty. If this is the case, the best residential grade air blower for you is the ECHO PB-255LN Leaf Blower.

If you’re looking for something a little more heavy duty and have a larger yard or do commercial work, the other two leaf blowers would be better options and great choices.

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