Best Backpack Blower

best backpack blower

Are you looking for a backpack blower for your backyard? Do you know what features you’re looking for? Autumn has already descended, and you are probably anxious about your neat garden that will be heaped with the leaves soon, some landing on the ground while others hide in the corners.

You cannot stop them; however, you can mechanize your efforts to avoid fatigue by using a backpack blower. Following are some features you might want to consider before purchasing a blower:

  • Power utilization (air blow)
  • Comfortable backpack
  • Noise factor
  • Speed variation option
  • Warranty

There are usually two values with each blower: one is its speed and the other is air volume. It’s important to consider both since having just one of these features is not enough. According to experts, these two values along with the tube volume and shape must be considered before buying. It’s also important that the backpack is comfortable so that if you have to clean a big yard, it will support you for prolonged use.

The blower should also have an easily maneuverable tube. It is good if your blower has speed options on it (to control the speed) so that you can adjust the power according to the job. You should know that even the quietest blower has noise. So it’s best to select one that doesn’t make unbearable noise, which is good for you and your neighbors.

In this review article, we have selected three backpack air blowers with similar features but from different manufacturers and will present you a review of them.

Husqvarna 965102208 130BT Backpack Blower, 30CC

The Husqvarna Backpack Blower features lightweight, easy-to-use options making it a perfect choice for people who have big lawns to clean and want to clean it in one go.


  • X-torq engine and fan design produce high speed air with high flow
  • Increased power, fuel efficient and reduces gas emissions
  • Air speed is 145mph with 30cc engine
  • Controls are mounted on tube for easy operation
  • CARB compliant
  • Air speed of 145 MPH
  • Low weight and easy to use
  • Ergonomic handles that are adjustable


  • Low powered
  • Unsatisfactory customer service
  • No warranty

This backpack blower is a four star product that is surprisingly quiet compared to its counterparts. If you are looking for a backpack blower for household purposes, then it is a good choice as some consumers have raised issues of its low-powered battery that is inefficient for commercial or high-level usage. A few consumers have reported unsatisfactory client service of Husqvarna because they are unavailable on weekends, which could be annoying in some cases.

Ryobi RY08420 42CC Gas Powered Backpack Grass/Yard Leaf Blower

The Ryobi Gas Powered Backpack Grass/Yard Leaf Blower is a powerful blower with a 42cc engine and 185 mph air speed that rushes out of the tube and blows away the toughest messes from your backyard. The engine is mounted in a way to deliver nonstop powerful air of 510 cfm. The lightweight equipment weighs about 18 lbs.


  • Maximized air flow
  • Adjustable backpack for less user fatigue
  • Variable speed control knob
  • Cruise control for easy command
  • Sturdy backpack but lightweight for comfortable carry
  • Nozzle is designed to point downward for easy use
  • 1 year warranty


  • Short life coil

This leaf blower is a 3.5-star rated machine that is a gas-powered, 2-cycle blower specially designed to handle the hardest cleaning jobs. According to some consumers, the coil of the blower has a short life and malfunctions quickly. For trouble-free use, try to maintain the equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The high power blower of 185 MPH with a one-year warranty makes it a good choice for cleaning up your lawn

Troy-Bilt TB2BP EC 27CC 2-CycleGas Backpack Blower with Jumpstart Technology

The Troy-Bilt Gas Backpack Blower features a 2-stoke engine that spins the centrifugal fan to generate air volume of 445 cfm and 145 mph air speed that is enough to move big heaps of debris. The machine is easier to start and has less vibration than most. The flex tube is designed for easy maneuvering around and under objects. Its lightweight body and added straps keep the operator comfortable for hours.


  • Cruise control throttle
  • Less vibration, easily operable control
  • SpringAssist (to make cord pulling easy)
  • High air volume of 445 cfm for blowing heaps
  • Long flex tube for easy maneuvering
  • Jump start technology
  • Backpack harness to keep operator’s back cool
  • 2 year warranty


  • Underpowered

This backpack blower is a 3-star rated product that has got air volume of 445 cfm to blow heaps of debris. However, a few consumers have reported its low power, which shows that air volume is only one factor. The air speed is equally important, which is 145 mph for this machine. So if you are looking for a blower that is capable of blowing denser heaps of debris from your yard, then this machine may not be for you. It’s perfect though if you need to clean up lighter materials.


We presented a review of three gas-powered backpack air blowers from different manufacturers. For an air blower, the most significant part is its power to blow the mess.

According to experts, you must look for two values, which are usually mentioned on the packaging i.e. air speed and air volume. They both should be high for better results. Moreover, the device should have some warranty and satisfactory consumer feedback.

Keeping all these features in mind, we have chosen a backpack blower for you that has excellent air volume with high air speed and a one-year warranty: the Ryobi RY08420 42CC 2-Cycle Backpack Grass/Yard Leaf Blower. According to the manufacturers, for long and trouble-free use, you must follow the manual instructions.

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